Roatan Info

Roatan Info

Roatan Tourism:

Located in the Western Caribbean Sea off the coast of Honduras and surrounded by the world’s second largest reef, Roatan Island is rated has one of the top 10 diving destinations in the world. West Bay Beach is also rated as one the top 10 beaches in the world. The water and reef are world class! With two cruise ship docking ports, Roatan has been selected by Carnival Cruise Lines for its largest cruise port in Central America and the Caribbean. Revenues to the Island from the cruise ship passengers are projected to be over $67 million dollars annually.

Roatan Culture:

Roatan has a diverse and rich cultural heritage. Between the remote Mayan burial sites, the Spanish and British colonialists, former slaves called Garifunas, and lots of pirates, Roatan has developed a unique cultural mix that offers something to everyone.

Roatan Property Ownership:

Owning property on Roatan is relatively easy and uncomplicated. Foreigners can own property in their own name is it is less that .75 and an acre. Larger properties need to be in a Honduran corporation which can easily be set up during the escrow period (30+ days or longer).

Getting to Roatan:

Airport – Roatan has an international airport receiving regular flights from the US, Canada, Europe and other Central American countries. U.S. airlines Continental and Delta fly to Roatan weekly from the U.S. During busy times, there are direct flights from Miami, Newark, New York, and Milan, Italy and Canada.
Typically one can leave most areas in the U.S. in the morning and be on Roatan that afternoon. Flights to the mainland Honduras occur several times daily and take about 15 minutes.
High Speed Ferry – There is a high speed ferry to the mainland twice daily taking less than one hour.

Roatan Development:

Roatan is going through a tremendous development phase both in infrastructure as well as housing. Drawing attention from both Europe, Canada and the US, investors are finding a variety of opportunities for growth and appreciation, as well as pure enjoyment.

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