Why Invest

Why Invest

Investment Potential

Roatan is an island in the Caribbean Sea on the verge of tremendous appreciation of property values due to its explosion of tourism and recognition as a first class destination stop for investors, travelers and vacationers – combined with a sluggish international economic climate, Roatan is experiencing its first ever Buyer’s Market. Numerous property owners are finding themselves in a position needing to sell, often at a break-even or even a loss.  Over the next 6 months there will be some tremendous opportunities for the small and medium sized investor.

Roatan’s  Advantages

Transportation – Roatan’s International Airport – Roatan has direct flights from several major airline hubs making it extremely accessible for one day travel to and from the island.   Cities and countries like Toronto, Miami, Dallas, Houston, El Salvador, Italy and mainland Honduras using Airlines as Continental, Delta, Taca, and Spirit.

Typically on a direct flight, one can leave Canada or the West Coast in the morning and be on Roatan late that afternoon.

From Roatan to the mainland Honduras, flights occur daily and take about 15 minutes.

Roatan – mainland High Speed Ferry – There is a high speed ferry to the mainland twice daily taking less than one hour.

Market Comparison – Roatan’s direct competitors are the other Islands in the Caribbean Sea (Caymans, Bahamas) many of with have

Already experienced the run of property values beyond what a small or mid-sized investor can currently afford.

Major Investors Coming to Roatan – Those individual investors who discovered Roatan several years ago have done very well. Even so, there are many opportunities available now, especially in this buyer’s market.  What is encouraging is that the major developments are still just starting to show up.  Major projects underway are a new five star hotel about to break ground in Sandy Bay, Roatan’s firs resort golf course – Pristine Bay – a $150 million project which will include a PGA quality course (Pete Dye Construction), five star hotel, marina, villas, condos and homes along the fairways, etc. Roatan’s Mega Mall  – a recently opened large shopping mall in French Harbor.

Roatan Cruise Ship Destination – Historically whenever the cruise ship industry makes a Caribbean island a major destination stop, property values skyrocket.  Roatan now has two docking ports designated for cruise ship lines.  Carnival lines has invested $62 million dollars into Mahogany Bay its newest destination stop.  Between this port and Coxen Hole, 4 to 5 cruise ships arrive daily.

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